Friday, August 17, 2007

Salvia isn't just the new drug of choice for experimental kids. It's a great way to get mildly famous.

This could be bad. Maybe our Salvia Videos are are the catalyst that will eventually cause Salvia to become illegal everywhere.

Here's a couple quotes from the article at

"Salvia proponent Daniel Siebert, “an independent researcher, pharmacognosist, ethnobotanist, educator, and author” who has worked extensively with the plant, warns that salvia is not a party drug. “It is best taken in a quiet, nearly dark room; either alone, or with one or two good friends present. It should be taken either in silence or (sometimes) with soft pleasant music playing,” he writes. Many YouTube salvia trippers seem to have missed Sibert’s advice. “Every other video is just some guy at a party who can barely talk and everybody’s laughing at him,” Martinelli says. “That’s not how you’re supposed to take salvia... if you do it alone, and use it as a time to think, it’s a significant moment in your life.”"

"there are apparently some image-conscious members of the community. One YouTube member named "derfuebe" has recently taken to pleading with salvia documentarians to stop showcasing their work: "please stop posting videos of people smoking salvia... I am part of a group trying to keep salvia legal. Latley (sic) the news has said that kids are smoking salvia and posting it on youtube. We want to keep these videos from making the goverment (sic) try to illegalize salvia... For the love of salvia and it's enlightments."

Read The Entire Article Here

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