Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Driving On Salvia


Anonymous said...

haha, nice one mate, when i first saw the title i was a little shocked at the idea of driving on salvia but still, seems you managed to pull it off quite well :p

consxavier said...

how dangerous...man be careful man.Imagine if someone smoked some salvia while DRIVING!!!I'm surprised they aren't just outlawing it all together. They'd certainly have a stronger case against it than marijuana (even though it really isn't dangerous)


Anonymous said...

HAHA this is a funny video but how bumb right ? check out this other site has some good videos this guy is trying to garden while on salvia then he passes out haha SalviaDivinorumBlog.com

Mike said...

I wouldn't attempt to drive after smoking salvia, especially <a href="http://www.salviashop.net>salvia extracts</a>. But props for not destroying your car and your face.

salvia reviews said...

I guess after using salvia, The environment tends to vibrate, abstract shapes appear, objects repeat themselves, and patterns appear.

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